The software for keeping records on payments

Our company can provide software for keeping records on payments which will allow you to organize your expenses. The functionality of this application is very extensive. RC Payments Tracker is a real program for the accounting of debts. It will help you to keep track of financial transactions for payment of public and social services, fines, Bank loans, etc. The taxes can also be arranged using our app, so the program will be useful not only for home budgeting, but also for business management.

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Functional features

Currently such programs for a personal accounting of the payments are demanded by people of different social groups. Keeping control of finances allows you to manage your budget more sufficiently regardless of its size and to avoid such unpleasant phenomena as overdue payment. Any delay, whether the debts on municipal (local) payments, late payment to Internet service provider or not returned on time the debt to the colleague, all these factors get harm to reputation, and sometimes it causes very unpleasant problems. This is the most relevant program for those who often make loans or take money on credit from relatives or friends.

Failure to comply with repayment schedule will result in penalties from the banking institutions and the deterioration of credit history, which in the future could cause the refusal of loan funds, and failure to fulfill their promises to repay debt can severely damage relationships with others. Don’t you agree, it's annoying to realize that all of these happened because of a banal forgetfulness.

Thanks to RC Payment Tracker such an unenviable situation is completely excluded! You just need to set a reminder about payment of the loan or repayment of a debt, and the app will alert you of the need to meet their financial obligations. As you can see, to be punctual is easy! In addition to the functions of the alert, the app allows you to create accruals for the formation of debt, payment templates, keep track of costs for a certain period of time, whether a day, a week or a year. Thus, it is possible to calculate in advance the amount to be spent on repayment of debts, so you can plan your budget in advance.

The application saves the data on confirmation of payment, so you can generate a report for any period of time, which shows not only the amounts but also the numbers of the receipts or vouchers.

Setting the retention period of payment receipts, you don't have to look for confirming a transaction in a paper document. Even if you need data on last year's payments, you just look at the transaction history and find the right period! Long term storage of receipts will help to keep the situation under control, if paper documents are lost or damaged, which happens quite often. You will get all information from the date and the amount of the payment and ending with the method of transaction and the check number.

Storage of receipts occurs so that the user can see an electronic copy of the document on the screen, and when necessary, make changes or create a backup.

Terms and Conditions

One license allows the user to install and use the software in one operating system. You can use the purchased software for an unlimited period of time. Updates for this version are provided free of charge.
The software can be transferred to another operating system using the same Activation key after deactivation of the program on the old system.

Refund policy

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

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